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CivCity Rome 5.0

CivCity: Rome is a strategy game developed by Firaxis Games and Firefly Studios
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CivCity: Rome is a strategy game on the cities-building theme, it was developed by the designer Simon Bradbury under the direction of Sid Meier at Firaxis Games studies and Firefly Studios. This game is about building cities along the history of Rome and bringing them to their splendour.

Our goal, over the dozens of missions to be developed in ancient Rome, will be the construction of cities attempting to compete in terms of popularity and wealth with the very capital of the Empire. To do so, CivCity Rome will enable us to manage a multitude of characteristics relating to the development of the city, from urban planning and economic and political aspects to setting up the military to protect the city from the attacks of invaders.

As in most of the traditional cities construction games, we must design the urban weaver and we will have at our disposal a wide range of buildings and farms, temples, shops and houses to be placed where we think it is most appropriate, taking into account that its situation should be most convenient for citizens.
But CivCity Rome is much more than that. CivCity absorbs some strategic concepts of the known number of Civilization strategy, distancing as well as games of construction of conventional cities.

One of the features that this title inherits from the Firaxis saga is the technology tree, which will allow us to enhance certain cultural aspects of the population based on our needs or interests. We may increase, for example, the religious spirit, the interest in philosophical speculation or the knowledge of mathematics.

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  • Its a nice blending between strategy and cities construction games


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